The most complete salary benchmarking.

Talent Up provides a wealth of detailed, accurate HR data.

We help Comp & Ben specialists, Talent Managers and Directors around the world providing data for a quick, equitable and courteous resolution of talent questions.


What makes us different

Talent Up's competitive salary benchmarking helps companies grow by providing insights to make critical strategic decisions in creating hiring plans to retain & attract talent, at a local or global scale. Each solution is customized to our client because we understand each company is different.


What we offer

Talent Up’s report is created knowing every company is different. As such, each report is customized selectively according to our client’s needs. These are the key features of our report:

  • Candidates and job openings
  • Benefits and salaries
  • Competition analysis
+10.000 data sources
  • linkedin
  • xing
  • indeed
  • monster
  • glassdoor
  • stackoverflow
  • github
  • crunchbase
  • dice
  • experteer
  • neuvoo
  • nexxt
65 M
Job offers
12 M


How do we deal with duplicate job offers?

Our engine is able to detect duplicates from different sources, i.e., different job boards or job offers published multiple times on the same sites.

How often is the data updated?

The information is continuously updated. Every day our engine scrapes +600k profiles and +50k job offers.

Is the data GDPR compliant?

We aggregate the data to offer insights only. Our data is anonymous, and we are not able to identify professionals.

How do you deal with job offers in different languages?

Our engine is able to normalize data for a large number of supported languages and get the normalized version of it. For example, if it finds a role in Spanish “Desarrollador Java” it normalizes it as Java Developer.

Are the information included in a report, fresh data?

We use the latest data published on social networks and job boards to build a report. The oldest data we use is from the last year.

How much time do you take to deliver a report?

We deliver a report within 2 weeks.