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Find fresh compensation data for +500 roles and +150 locations, worldwide

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View salaries for +500 roles

Choose your desired role & location among +500 roles and +150 locations. Investigate data for over ten departments and obtain specific and detailed salaries for specific profiles.


Access to bonus, stock options and benefits information

Understand the bonuses, stock options, and benefits offered by your competitors.


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Know where you stand in the talent market

Stay ahead of the talent market with access to up-to-date data and insights.


Compare Salaries

Get a comprehensive salary overview for the desired roles and locations to make informed decisions about your pay.


Analyze your employee's salaries

Manage your employee's salaries and compare them with the market to stay competitive.


Beat the competition

Find out what your competitors are paying by searching for specific company salary information.


Integrate your other systems

To facilitate more efficient and automated searches and different features, the TalentUp Salary Platform includes a number of software integrations.

Integrate your software and platforms into the TalentUp Salary Platform to maximize their impact.

Use TalentUp Salary Platform to connect your systems, unifying your processes and increasing your productivity.

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