Is location-agnostic pay an anecdote or a trend?

With the rise of remote work, many companies have come up with different ways to deal with it,

The 4-day week has come to stay

In the past few years, the 4-day week movement has grown a lot. A great number of businesses

Julien Mur: “Be clear and transparent: DO NOT sell what is not there”.

Julien Mur is a Frenchman who has been in Spain since 2007. His entire professional career has been

Taya Mliuzan: “When it comes to hiring high-profile specialists, soft skills reign supreme.”

Taya started her career in IT recruitment in 2006. She was initially in charge of recruiting, and as

Jordi Arcas: “We expect a salary increase of 10%.”

Jordi Arcas is the co-founder and CEO of, a company dedicated to compiling and analyzing talent market

Rodolphe Dutel: “Remote work was often perceived as slacking off”

Rodolphe Dutel is the founder of, the world’s largest remote worker community. They have been helping people

Gianluca Rosania: “I am building the first HR School in the Metaverse, Metta HR.”

Gianluca Rosania is the Co-Founder of LIVT, a startup focused on experiential learning, Co-founder of Metta HR School,

Hung Lee: “A great global recruiter should have the ability to adapt to cross-cultural communication”

Hung Lee is the editor of the leading industry newsletter Recruiting Brainfood, one of the best weekly newsletters

Trini Bofarull: “We present Catalonia as what it is, a technological industrial HUB where it is easy to do business”

We interviewed Trini Bofarull, Director of Foreign Investment at Catalonia Trade & Investment – ACCIÓ, to better understand

James Hornick: “The job market for recruiters themselves is like something I’ve never seen”

James Hornick is a partner at Hirewell. A US-based recruiting firm with specialized practices in technology, HR &