Use insights to take critical decisions in your organization

Salary survey

For companies exploring new markets or positions

Sometimes is difficult to know which is the salary we have to offer for a specific area or IT position. With this report, managers will be able to know which is the average salary and who are the main players offering the best salaries.

  • Salaries per technology and per seniority
  • Average net (and gross) salary per technology/cluster per years of service or seniority:
  • Companies offering the highest salary
  • Trends for next year
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New office location

For companies that are looking for a new office location

Establish a new office requires a previous study to know where is the best city with more professionals available and less competition. This report offers insights to discover the best location.

  • Locations with less competition
  • Cities with more IT professionals
  • Title popularity
  • Popular technologies by location
  • IT communities by location

HR strategy & competition analysis

For companies that want to recruit worldwide

A better recruitment is possible offering more value to candidates than competition. This report analyze the main companies for an specific area and the benefits that you offer to candidates. With these insights you will be able to identify your strenghts and weaknesses recruiting IT profiles

  • Company analysis: 9 factors to be more attractive for IT professionals
  • Identication of main competitors: strenghts and weaknesses