Talent insights

A SAAS to have detailed information about the IT market.

Make decisions based on data

Organize, visualize, evaluate. With in-depth analytics, you can better understand the HR sector. Get a precise picture of professionals and companies to plan a better recruiting strategy. See real-time metrics correlated with events, technologies, positions and companies. You can quickly find candidates, contact rapidly, and hire intelligently.

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industry analytics
Define a recruitment strategy.

For HR Managers

Create an strategy for your company, show the lack of candidates to your managers in the market or compare your organization with your competitors.

Recruit faster.

For recruiters

We give you a lot of insights to create a smart search in social networks. Maximize your results with TalentUp.

Make your brand visible.

For employer branding

Understand where are located the candidates, what they publish on social networks and what events they assist.

Measure what matters

Innovate faster with visibility from TalentUp

Strengths and weakness

Analysis of your company and your competitors based on worker reviews.

Transfer of professionals

From what companies they come and to what companies they go.

Candidate distribution

Check in what city are more candidates.



Inspect the salary of a position depending on the experience and location.


Understand the most trending technologies.


Stay tuned of the new events in your city.

IT Profiles


Explore data through charts: lines, bars, pies will help you extract conclusions.


Filter your results with a lot of variables. You can refine your search criteria to analyze specific positions or professionals.


TalentUp is designed for HR managers and recruiters. Use our tool in your daily work and recruit easily.

Large companies

We offer advanced solutions for large companies that want to improve their hiring KPI's.


Build reports with TalentUp. Extract information and use it in presentations.


TalentUp experts offers training for your team in order to maximize the use of the platform.

data sources

All HR data in one place

Data from the most popular internet sources

Updated and qualified data. TalentUp filters many data sources to get professional information, companies statistics and the most trending events of each sector. All this data is combined to show you significant conclusions.



  • Get an in-depth analysis for your company strategy:
  • Competitors analysis‚Ä®‚Ä®
  • IT profiles analysis‚Ä®‚Ä®
  • Expansion strategy


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  • 1 YEAR platform license‚Ä®‚Ä®
  • Worldwide data‚Ä®
  • IT profiles‚Ä®‚Ä®
  • Designed for Recruiters, Managers and HR Branders


  • Optimize the sourcing time
    with all the tips and tricks
    for a successful recruitment