Companies don't have an updated profile of their IT employees, what technical skills they are acquiring or what new interests they have.
With TalentUp you can have a centralized source to get these insights.

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industry analytics
How the market impacts in your company.

Market Analysis

Get an overview of the market to see how it is moving. Include the last trends in your company to increase the employee satisfaction.

Increase the opprotunities to grow.

Talent Development

Create a Career Development Plan for employees based on their interests and skills. Move professionals intelligently to new projects.

Detect the risk of leaving.

Employee Retention

Identify what employees have a higher risk of leaving based on the market demand and employee duration.

Find your desired employee

Use our advanced search engine to identify your employees
industry analytics


Get insights related with your company. See your current tech stack or new interests in the organization.

Advanced search

Filter your employees with a lot of variables. You can refine your search criteria to analyze specific professionals.


Get a complete list of your IT professionals. Discover new skills and trends.


TalentUp has his own engine to extract and normalize skills we detect automatically from employee profiles.

Prediction for new positions

Based on 45M profiles, TalentUp can predict what is the best next position for an specific employee.

Retention Analysis

TalentUp has real-time information of the market, comparing the position, location and experience a professional has we can predict his risk of leaving.

data sources

Always updated data

TalentUp scrapes data from more than 11 sources to have an updated information about employees.
Some of our sources are:

  • Social networks (Linkedin or Angelist)
  • Technical websites (Stackoverflow or Github)
  • Other sources (Meetup or Twitter)
  • Plans


    • 1 YEAR platform license‚Ä®‚Ä®
    • From 10 to 500 IT employees
    • Designed for small companies or non-IT companies


    Most Popular
    • 1 YEAR platform license‚Ä®‚Ä®
    • From 500 to 5.000 IT employees
    • Designed for medium IT companies


    • 1 YEAR platform license‚Ä®‚Ä®
    • Unlimited IT employees
    • API access
    • Designed for Staffing purposes in large companies