Jan Tegze: “Convincing candidates to choose your company is becoming a real art”

Jan Tegze: “Convincing candidates to choose your company is becoming a real art”

Jan Tegze is the author of the book Full Stack Recruiter; and a results-oriented Talent Acquisition Leader with extensive experience in full life cycle recruiting and broad knowledge of international recruiting, sourcing, recruitment branding, recruitment marketing, and pro-active innovative sourcing techniques. 

He is also the author of The Sourcing Games and a blogger who believes that recruitment is a great field and is constantly trying to make it better. Moreover, he defines himself as a regular guy who fell in love with recruitment, sourcing and writing. And who is trying to make the world a better place one day at a time.

We had the pleasure to talk with him about talent, recruiting, what we should expect in the future and of course, his book.

What talent means to you?

Finding a clear talent definition is challenging, especially when this word “Talent” has become one of those buzzwords that gets thrown around in the recruitment and HR world. My favorite definition of talent is “Talents are recurring patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior.” (Book: First, Break All the Rules by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman)

And I believe that everyone is born with certain talent, but talent is only the starting point that will help you to discover your potential to be great at something. To fully unlock your talent (potential) you need to put hard work into it.

How do you see the future of recruiting?

Predicting the future is difficult, like weather forecasting. It hasn’t improved even though we have satellites, fast computers and enough data. Predictions may be good for a couple of days, but we are not able to predict the weather for next two months and be right about every day. And any prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.

I know it is popular to say that the future will be full of chatbots, AI, etc., but we have heard that so many times and still we do not have chatbots that can understand properly what you are trying to say and AI technology in recruitment is slowly being banned in several countries due to the bias.

I always believed that future of recruiting is in well-trained recruiters, who not only understand the recruitment field and have good knowledge of technology, but they are empathic. Because it is easy to find anyone these days but convincing candidates to choose your company is becoming a real art. 

Due to the shortage of talent on the market and the ability to hire remotely, you are fighting a battle for every candidate, not with dozens of competitors but with hundreds or even thousands of them. That is why the future of recruiting will be more about humans and their well-being and their experience through the entire process than chatting with chatbots. Of course, this will all depend on the industry and location, but how people will feel during the process will matter a lot.

What do you think would be the next game-changer for recruiters?

Everyone is looking for the silver bullet, the next major thing. But in reality, if you treat your employees with respect, pay them well, let them grow and provide the right career opportunities, let their feedback and opinions be heard, not only will you drastically improve retention but this all will have a positive impact on hiring.

The “next game-changer” for any company will be good company culture and if the recruitment team will get a seat in the leadership when all those big decisions are made. The TA team will be able to influence when the company will be hiring new employees as they know where the talent is. They will be also able to set the expectations of other departments for how quickly they will be able to get a new talent on board. And other departments will realize that hiring is everyone’s responsibility, and it is not only the TA’s responsibility to attract the right talent to the company.

You wrote a very successful sourcing and recruiting book named Full Stack Recruiter which is considered by some a must-have for every recruiter. Why did you decided to write it and what is in it that made it so successful?

Thank you for your kind feedback! I wrote Full Stack Recruiter for several reasons; one of them is to have a book that could be shared with junior recruiters so they can have a resource that will help them at the start of their career. And for the seasoned recruiters this is a great way to refresh your knowledge, learn few new tricks and I hope also to open your mind to new ways, methods and approaches. 

What it is that made it so successful? I believe it is my years of experience, I wrote about things I did or I am doing every day so it is not a collection of my thoughts I might have about some topic. I am sharing my own experience and knowledge I collected over the years working in recruitment, knowledge that I very often obtained through a series of failures and tests.

If you only could give one piece of advice to a recruiter that is struggling to find talent what it would be?

You are not alone! Sometimes your struggle is caused by lack of experience, so invest in yourself and learn as many things as possible. It really doesn’t matter if you learn something new from recruitment, sales, marketing, psychology or any other industry. You will use that new knowledge at your work for sure. Recruitment is about continuing to learn, so investing in yourself is the best investment you can do.

And if you struggle to find a talent, because nobody is listening to your advice and feedback about why it’s impossible to find the right talent due to low salary, wrong expectations, company culture etc., maybe it is time for you to change. Life is short and it is better to spend it learning from a great leader than to be stuck with a bad one for years and not learn anything new.

Any exciting projects on the horizon? Maybe another book?

There is always some book on the horizon, and due to the lockdown during 2020, I was able to finish my fictional novel (Blinding Lights) and my book for kids (Martin’s First Day), and of course I am working on one more book that should be out during 2022.

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