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TalentUp Salary Platform collects and analyzes all of the vital compensation and benefits data from the internet.

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Our platform empowers you to explore salaries for over 500 different roles across more than 170 cities. Tailor your salary search by filtering based on seniority, sector, and company size. Get precise and relevant salary information that matches your specific needs.

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📋 Manage Employees

Upload your employee data and gain insights into how their compensation stacks up in the job market. Organize and track compensation details for your entire workforce, ensuring you're competitive in the talent market.

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⚖️ Compare Salaries

Make informed decisions by comparing salaries across a diverse spectrum of roles and locations. With our data-backed information set competitive pay rates, identify disparities, and strategically allocate compensation resources.

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💼 Analyze Competitors

Stay ahead of the game with TalentUp Salary Platform's 'Analyze Competitors' feature - uncovering what top companies are paying for talent, giving you the strategic edge to attract the best in the business.

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