State of the IT talent market in Europe

10 maps to understand better the current status of IT professionals


Competition is soaring and Talent market is evolving.

Because of the Covid-19 crisis many companies started working remote. Organizations started hiring globally, this means they don’t have to limit their talent search to a specific location to find remote worker.

This report analyzed 44 European countries in order to get relevant insights related to the IT talent market. Digital talent is in high demand globally, however some countries have more advantages than others (in terms of supply, salaries, technologies…). The 10 maps showed in this report will allow readers to have an overview of the European IT talent market.

The 10 maps showed are:

  • Volume
  • Demand
  • Diversity
  • Most Popular Positions
  • Most Demanded Positions
  • Most Demanded Technologies
  • Cost Of Living
  • Gross Salary
  • Net Salary