Most popular programming languages and frameworks

Most popular programming languages and frameworks

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Programming languages

Python continues to dominate the programming language landscape, maintaining its position as the most popular language year after year since 2019. Meanwhile, JavaScript closely trails behind in the rankings. Over the past few years, several languages, including Java, PHP, and Android, have witnessed a declining trend. 

  • Python’s Persistent Popularity: Python reigns supreme as the programming language of choice for developers. Its versatility, ease of use, and extensive library ecosystem contribute to its unwavering popularity. With Python, developers can build a wide range of applications, from web development and scientific computing to artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • JavaScript, A Close Contender: As Python maintains its dominance, JavaScript stands as a strong competitor. Widely used for web development, JavaScript empowers developers to create interactive and dynamic web pages. Its flexibility and compatibility across various platforms and browsers have solidified its popularity among developers worldwide.
  • The Decline of Java, PHP, and Android: While Python and JavaScript flourish, other programming languages have experienced a downward trend. Java, once an undisputed leader, has shown signs of diminishing popularity. PHP, known for its use in web development, and Android, the mobile operating system, have also seen declining trends. These shifts may be attributed to evolving technological landscapes and the emergence of alternative languages and frameworks.

Salaries for developers

Salaries for different programming languages in Europe
Salaries for different programming languages in Europe. Source:

Salaries in EUR for mid-level Android, iOs, Java, PHP, and Python developers in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, and Paris 

Across these cities, Java developers command the highest average salaries, with Amsterdam leading the pack. This indicates the strong demand and value placed on Java expertise in the job market. For Android developers, Paris stands out with the highest average salary, followed by Amsterdam and London, highlighting the financial rewards associated with Android development in these cities. iOS developers, on the other hand, witness higher salaries in Paris and London, suggesting the premium placed on iOS development skills.

 When it comes to PHP and Python developers, London consistently offers the highest salaries among the four cities. However, in London, out of this group of developers, the worst-paid are Python developers. Whereas in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris, the worst-paid are PHP developers.


Additionally, the programming framework React has experienced significant growth, while Node.js secures the second spot in the trends. However, Angular, currently ranking third among frameworks, has shown a downward trajectory.

  • The Rising Star, React: In recent years, the React framework has witnessed remarkable growth, almost skyrocketing in popularity. React’s component-based architecture and efficient handling of user interfaces have captivated developers. Its popularity stems from its ability to create responsive and interactive web applications, making it a top choice for front-end development.
  • Node.js, The Second-in-Command: While React takes the lead in framework trends, Node.js follows closely behind. Node.js allows developers to build scalable and high-performance server-side applications using JavaScript. Its non-blocking, event-driven nature enables efficient handling of concurrent requests, making it an excellent choice for real-time applications and microservices.
  • Angular’s Declining Trend: Angular, which completes the top three frameworks, has experienced a downward trajectory in recent times. However, it remains a powerful framework for developing robust web applications. Angular’s extensive features and strong community support continue to attract developers, although its declining trend indicates a shift in preferences among developers.

Salaries for framework developers

Salaries for different frameworks in Europe
Salaries for different frameworks in Europe. Source:

Salaries in EUR for mid Nodejs, React and Ruby developers in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, and Paris. 

The higher salaries for frameworks developers are offered in London, except for Nodejs developers. For them, the higher salaries are being offered in Paris. 

In Amsterdam and Berlin, the higher salaries are offered to Ruby Developers. However, in London and Paris, the higher salaries are assigned to React developers.

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