Gianluca Rosania: “I am building the first HR School in the Metaverse, Metta HR.”

Gianluca Rosania: “I am building the first HR School in the Metaverse, Metta HR.”

Gianluca Rosania is the Co-Founder of LIVT, a startup focused on experiential learning, Co-founder of Metta HR School, the first HR School in the metaverse, creator of the recruitment methodology Project GAIA, author of “El Camino” a guide to find your purpose and your career and “Tu Fuerza Interior”, professor at Nuclio Digital School, La Salle University, UP training, SIT, Udemy and privately with companies.

Moreover, he studied Psychology with a minor in Clinical Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming, he has 2 Masters, one in Sports Management and another in Coaching.

He also has more than 12 years of experience in Talent Acquisition where he is now the Head of Talent, Blockchain, Tech & Product at Bitpanda, and worked before as Principal Subject Matter Expert at and he was the Technology Recruitment Leader at Glovo HQ Barcelona where he helped build a team of 25 engineers to more than 400 in 18 months.

We interview him to talk about his career in the Talent Acquisition industry and his unique vision and insights.

You are the author of two very successful books, “El camino” and “Tu fuerza interior”. What do you think are the most important lessons to be learned from them?

I believe each writer has tons of reasons to write. Mine comes from the difficulties I had to live in order to be where I am. If you want to know more about me in the personal way you can check this interview with Hung Lee.

Some of the things I want to help with are:

  • Be more assertive when you make decisions: With “El Camino” younglings can determine what they want to do with their lives after school, a big problem that happens to a lot of people.
  • Be more self-aware: With “Tu fuerza Interior” I want to help building a stronger consciousness and that people can know themselves better.
  • Living in the future: yes, we’ve heard a lot about that. But it will never cease to be important: appreciate every moment now, because tomorrow it will happen again.
  • Quality over quantity – Many friends, a lot money, lots of fun: are we forgetting what what is a true quality of life? It is not about the amount of things, it’s about what emotions and what achievements gives you. 
  • Not thinking about self-love: the higher purpose of self-love is to be truly happy with what you have, become the best version of yourself and have all the resources to share this love with the others.

All of these type of learnings came from my personal situations, hundred of books and El Camino De Santiago.

You have also created a new recruitment methodology called Project Gaia. Could you explain to us what it consists of? Why did you decide to create it?

I will start with a phrase from Simon Sinek that I love “We dont hit the targets, we take care of the people who help us to hit the targets”

It is a card RPG (Role Playing Game) based on the Enneagram of Gurdjieff and Ichazo and inspired by Gaia the ancestral mother of all life in the Greek mythology. The game consists on actions and rewards, which seeks to motivate your recruitment teams bolstering their productivity. We want to share with you some cool data about this thanks to Project Gaia involvement:

It was born because the Talent Acquisition teams started to have tons of pressure, to be even more accurate on results the companies started to introduce a number system to evaluate performance on recruiters.

This represents what Sauron meant for Frodo in the recruitment world, sadly many senior leaders cannot work with the thin line of people and numbers making their employees to feel very bad and to start to burn out.

As I saw this problem my objective was to mitigate this feeling and help the teams adopt the number system without burning out so I gamified the recruitment process and the results. I am super happy to share that it has been applied in many companies and results have bolstered, you can check some data:

  • Happy employees are 20% more healthier.
  • Number of latest hires raised by 32%.
  • Recruitment experience satisfaction grew over 41%.
  • Fun bolstered the creativity of teams by 38%.
  • Communication between teams improved by 44%

What are the pending issues in the world of human resources? What are the aspects that should be reviewed or changed as soon as possible?

I believe the blockchain world, nfts and cryptocurrencies came to stay. What needs to adapt is the introduction of NFTs as validators for all the data we have as candidates and employees, for example our education titles can be NFTs that can be validated in minutes inside a blockchain (I share this example because recently I experienced a background check that lasted more than 2 months, imagine).

Another use case is the use of NFTs as rewards and benefits as you can have tokens that you can retrieve for different things. Or for example Talent Protocol that is trying to create tokens via recruiters that can be used as funds for candidates that recruiters believe in. Possibilities are countless.

Something that needs to change asap: Please don’t make candidates send the CV and then refill a 3 pages form in your websites.

What is you next big project?

Now I am building alongside Daniel Davalos the first HR School in the Metaverse, Metta HR. It was born after we identified that HR was not up to the task when going through organizational transformations

As the C’ level executives started to look for alternatives in other departments. So we want to offer a solution by educating professionals and new generations so that they are prepared for these transformations and as well they have good mentors.

Building a platform where professionals and new generations have access to all the mentors and information necessary to prosper and grow.

We want to put people management in the companies of the future, more human, fresh and focused.

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