Jan Tegze: “Convincing candidates to choose your company is becoming a real art”

Jan Tegze is the author of the book Full Stack Recruiter. He is a results-oriented talent acquisition leader

Carles Font: “The successful headhunter is the one who tells the truth very well.”

We interview Carles Font, CEO and Partner at Q-tech, to talk about candidates, attracting talent, how the talent

Pawel Adrjan: “We haven’t made a complete recovery yet, but there are encouraging signs.”

Pawel Adrjan is the Head of EMEA Research at Indeed and economist at the Indeed Hiring Lab in London. His

Santiago García: “I hope that a better future of work is possible for all.”

In 2016, Santiago García, together with Jordi Serrano, decided to launch the Future For Work Institute. It is

Daniel Martos: “Data and information on labor markets became essential when looking for teams and workers remotely.”

Daniel Martos is the professional he is now because of how many things came together to shape him.

Jordi Arrufí: “Technology is abundant but Digital Talent remains scarce.”

Mobile World Capital Barcelona was created to permanently turn Barcelona into a city of mobile and technology and

Julien Mur: “Be clear and transparent: DO NOT sell what is not there”.

Julien Mur is a Frenchman who has been in Spain since 2007. His entire professional career has been

Taya Mliuzan: “When it comes to hiring high-profile specialists, soft skills reign supreme.”

Taya started her career in IT recruitment in 2006. She was initially in charge of recruiting, and as

Jordi Arcas: “We expect a salary increase of 10%.”

Jordi Arcas is the co-founder and CEO of TalentUp.io, a company dedicated to compiling and analyzing talent market

Rodolphe Dutel: “Remote work was often perceived as slacking off”

Rodolphe Dutel is the founder of Remotive.com, the world’s largest remote worker community. They have been helping people