About us

How it all started.

Our story

TalentUp was developed to collect massive data from the global talent market in order to help businesses develop strategic hiring plans. Big data and AI technology are at the core of TalentUp. We started off by offering talent insights into the IT job market in Barcelona. Our main challenge was to understand which insights offered more value to our clients.

There are three key datasets that give major insights about the market: the talent supply, demand for this talent, and salaries. The supply and demand of professionals are important for designing hiring plans, while salary is one of the key factors to attract and retain talent.

We scrap data massively from major job boards and social networks. These talent insights allow our clients to find the blue oceans, to secure talent.

By talking with our early adopters to understand better what insights they needed, we quickly realized that the information we had could greatly add value to companies. It was through these first sets of clients that TalentUp started.

Today we have +200M professionals, +7M companies, +60M job offers & +12M salaries in our database which is updated regularly and growing daily as new data sets are generated worldwide every day

What makes us different

We consolidate talent market data from thousands of public domains and bring them in a single, unified database. Saving you time so that you can focus on what matters the most for your business.

What we offer

Talent Up's competitive salary benchmarking helps companies grow by providing insights to make critical strategic decisions in creating hiring plans to retain & attract talent, at a local or global scale.

Our team

We have the perfect mix of tech, recruitment, and business expertise in our core! We really understand our clients and their problems, this is what makes Talent Up so different from other solutions in the market.

Jordi Arcas

Jordi Arcas


Daniel Martos

Daniel Martos


Bart Huisken

Bart Huisken