How much does a Woods Boss make in Vienna ?

48,800 €

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The base salary for a Woods Boss in Vienna is 48,800 €

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Responsibilities: • Manage and coordinate forest operations, including logging, road building, and other related activities. • Monitor and maintain the health of the forest, including the planting and harvesting of trees. • Ensure compliance with all applicable forestry regulations and safety standards. • Supervise and direct the activities of workers, including logging crews, equipment operators, and laborers. • Develop and implement plans for the sustainable management of the forest. • Monitor the budget and ensure that operations are conducted in a cost-effective manner. • Prepare reports and other documents related to forest operations. Requirements: • Bachelor's degree in forestry, natural resources management, or a related field. • At least two years of experience in forestry or a related field. • Knowledge of forestry regulations, safety standards, and best practices. • Ability to work independently and as part of a team. • Excellent communication and organizational skills. • Ability to work in a variety of weather conditions. Preferred Skills: • Knowledge of geographic information systems (GIS) and other related software. • Experience with forest inventory and data analysis. • Ability to operate heavy machinery and other forestry equipment. • Ability to plan and coordinate multiple tasks and projects simultaneously. • Ability to identify and resolve problems quickly and efficiently.