How much does a Woods Boss make in Nice ?

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The base salary for a Woods Boss in Nice is 34,000 €
Also known as: Forest supervisor, Woodland manager, Timber overseer, Grove leader.

Responsibilities: •Oversee and manage the day-to-day operations of the woods team •Coordinate with other teams to ensure efficient and timely completion of projects •Train and mentor junior team members •Ensure compliance with safety regulations and best practices •Monitor and report on team performance and progress Requirements: •High school diploma or equivalent •Previous experience in a woods-related role •Strong leadership and communication skills •Ability to work effectively in a team environment •Knowledge of woods management principles and practices Preferred skills: •Certification in woods management or related field •Experience with operating woods equipment •Familiarity with environmental regulations and sustainability practices •Ability to analyze and interpret data for decision-making •Strong problem-solving abilities',