How much does a Video Editor make in Toulouse ?

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The base salary for a Video Editor in Toulouse is 51,400 €
Also known as: Film Editor, Video Producer, Multimedia Editor.

Responsibilities: • Edit video content using non-linear editing software • Create video sequences and transitions • Assemble raw material into a continuous whole according to the director's vision • Select and combine the most effective shots of each scene • Insert music, dialogue, graphics, and effects • Color correct and adjust audio levels • Ensure that the video meets technical standards • Collaborate with the director and other production staff Requirements: • Bachelor’s degree in film, media, or related field • Experience with non-linear video editing software • Knowledge of video formats, codecs, and compression techniques • Ability to work independently and follow direction • Excellent communication and organizational skills Preferred Skills: • Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite • Experience with motion graphics and animation • Experience with sound design and audio mixing • Understanding of lighting, composition, and camera techniques • Familiarity with current trends in video editing and production