User Experience Designer salary in Kraków

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How much does a User Experience Designer make in Kraków?

The base salary for a User Experience Designer in Kraków is 207,900 zł

207,900 zł

Annual salary. Based on 1228 observations

Related tasks:

  • Produce design concepts for digital services, often working to very tight deadlines, and work with Front End developers to implement those concepts
  • Design and create communication material ensuring all elements are well designed, consistent and user focused
  • Assisting the Team Leader in examining packages of work and giving realistic timescales for completion
  • Partner with colleagues to facilitate a consistent user experience, including by designing reusable elements of a digital service
Requirements / skills:
  • Practical experience in designing interfaces and transaction flows for the web;. Ability to prototype for the web & design in browser
  • A good understanding of web technologies and how they affect design, including accessibility
  • Experience of web and mobile application interface design
  • Core skills: sketching, design production, hand-coded HTML & CSS, rapid prototyping