How much does a Unreal Developer make in North Sydney ?

104,600 $

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The base salary for a Unreal Developer in North Sydney is 104,600 $

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Annual salary Based on 37 observations

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Related tasks:

  • Work with fellow programmers, as well as the rest of the production team, as a lead programmer and manager.
  • Use source control to protect the code, and use bug reporting software to manage issues that need to be fixed.
  • Simple and complex AI, UI, cinematics, optimization, engine functionality, particle effects integration, sound integration, and general gameplay mechanics.
  • Work with emerging technologies to create new tools and systems for interactive real-time production.
  • Produce clean, well-documented code.
Requirements / skills:
  • Must have very strong problem-solving and analytic skills.
  • Understanding of Computer Science fundamentals.
  • Working knowledge of the content creation tools and processes involved in real-time 3D asset production.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Networking skills.