How much does a Transport Controller make in Montpellier ?

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The base salary for a Transport Controller in Montpellier is 22,800 €
Also known as: Traffic manager, Logistics coordinator, Fleet supervisor, Dispatch supervisor.

Responsibilities: •Coordinating the movement of goods and materials to ensure timely delivery •Monitoring and tracking transportation schedules and routes •Communicating with drivers, dispatchers, and other relevant parties to ensure smooth operations •Resolving transportation-related issues and delays •Ensuring compliance with transportation regulations and safety standards Requirements: •High school diploma or equivalent •Strong organizational and multitasking skills •Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities •Ability to work well under pressure and make quick decisions •Familiarity with transportation management systems and software Preferred skills: •Previous experience in logistics or transportation •Knowledge of geographical areas and transportation routes •Familiarity with industry-specific regulations and compliance standards •Problem-solving and critical thinking abilities •Ability to adapt to changing circumstances and prioritize tasks effectively',