How much does a Training Manager make in Grenoble ?

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The base salary for a Training Manager in Grenoble is 77,500 €
Also known as: Learning and Development Manager.

Responsibilities:1. Develop and implement training programs for employees.2. Design and deliver training programs that meet the needs of the organization.3. Evaluate training programs to ensure they are effective and meet organizational goals.4. Monitor employee progress and provide feedback.5. Maintain records of training activities and results.6. Develop and maintain relationships with external training providers.Requirements:1. Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Education, or a related field.2. At least two years of experience in training and development.3. Strong organizational and communication skills.4. Ability to work independently and as part of a team.5. Knowledge of adult learning principles and instructional design.Preferred Skills:1. Experience with e-learning and virtual training technologies.2. Knowledge of project management and change management techniques.3. Ability to analyze data and draw conclusions.4. Experience in developing and delivering training materials.5. Ability to identify and address training needs.6. Proficiency in MS Office Suite and other relevant software.