How much does a Trainer make in Belgium ?

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The base salary for a Trainer in Belgium is 47,200 €
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Responsibilities: •Designing and delivering training programs for new hires and existing employees •Developing training materials, including presentations, handouts, and online resources •Assessing training needs and evaluating the effectiveness of training programs •Providing feedback and coaching to trainees to ensure understanding and skill development •Collaborating with subject matter experts to ensure training content is accurate and up to date •Monitoring and reporting on trainee progress and performance Requirements: •Bachelor’s degree in a related field or equivalent work experience •Strong communication and presentation skills •Ability to adapt training techniques to meet the needs of diverse learners •Organizational and time management skills to effectively plan and deliver training programs •Knowledge of adult learning principles and instructional design concepts •Familiarity with learning management systems and other training tools Preferred Skills: •Experience in conducting virtual or remote training sessions •Certification in training or instructional design •Familiarity with assessment and evaluation methods for training programs •Knowledge of industry-specific regulations and compliance requirements •Ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams to develop training content',