How much does a Traffic Manager make in Canada ?

101,300 $

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The base salary for a Traffic Manager in Canada is 101,300 $

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Related tasks:

  • Branding - Develop brand guidelines
  • Copywriting for marketing platforms
  • Campaign conceptualisation and development
  • Assist with sign off of designs/guidance and direction
  • Incorporate branding into designs
  • Assist with day to day design sign-offs
  • User Experience - activation plans and consumer journey development
  • Management - Daily tasks of the design team
  • Data - Use web analytics tools to analyse site traffic and user demographics in support of online campaign proposals and client presentations
  • Email engagement tracking Personal attributes
Requirements / skills:
  • Advanced knowledge of agency project traffic management.
  • Advanced knowledge of the industrial, conceptual and graphic design process.
  • Understanding of wayfinding, materials and technical detailing beneficial.
  • Workflow management, responsible for scheduling jobs and moving them through the various stages of design delivery, ensuring project managers and designers meet agreed budget expectations.
  • Demonstrable/ Advanced knowledge of managing a busy studio.
  • Advanced job reporting analysis skills.
  • Agency practice management.