How much does a Technical Support Representative make in Brisbane ?

49,900 $

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The base salary for a Technical Support Representative in Brisbane is 49,900 $

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Related tasks:

  • Provide amazing, detailed and prompt email support via a comprehensive case management system
  • Engage with customers via live chat, providing realtime assistance
  • Occasionally call customers via phone to further help and amaze them
  • Help out other support teams and agents, who are helping their customers use the SaaS and their own software
  • Help the Success team meet and exceed our committed SLAs and response times
  • Gain a thorough understanding of common ecommerce, retail, accounting, CRM and fulfilment data and processes
  • Analyse and document reproduction steps for issues identified as potential bugserrors in the SaaS system
  • Create tickets with comprehensive documentation of issues to be further investigated and resolved by SaaS developers
  • Escalate cases as required, e.g. to senior support and follow up learning from those cases as they are resolved.
  • Create knowledge base documentation relating to common issues, including clear information so that customers can self help Interact with Testing, Product Development, Sales Marketing and Management teams to support multidiscipline activities
Requirements / skills:
  • Has strong attention to details and high level of accuracy
  • Strong communication skills and ability to remain calm and professional in all circumstances
  • Quickly identify problems, form solutions, and execute step-by-step troubleshooting procedures
  • Working knowledge of PC and Mac operating systems and Microsoft Office Applications