How much does a Technical Manager make in Cyprus ?

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The base salary for a Technical Manager in Cyprus is 60,900 €
Also known as: Technology Manager, Technological Manager, Technical Services Manager.

Responsibilities: • Manage and oversee day-to-day technical operations of a team • Develop and implement technical strategies and processes • Monitor and review technical performance metrics • Ensure technical solutions are compliant with industry standards • Manage technical projects and ensure deadlines are met • Troubleshoot technical issues and provide solutions • Coordinate with other departments to ensure technical goals are met • Develop and maintain technical documentation • Train and mentor team members Requirements: • Bachelor's degree in a technical field • 3+ years of experience in technical management • Knowledge of technical best practices and procedures • Excellent problem solving and communication skills • Ability to work independently and collaboratively Preferred Skills: • Project management experience • Knowledge of IT infrastructure • Experience with customer service and support • Knowledge of software development life cycle