How much does a Team Leader make in Cyprus ?

78,900 €

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The base salary for a Team Leader in Cyprus is 78,900 €

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Annual salary Based on 38 observations

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Related tasks:

  • Plans for and procures materials necessary to meet manufacturing build requirements for one or several product lines.
  • Reviews forecasted requirements and purchases materials in accordance with that forecast.
  • Ensures materials are available to meet manufacturing build requirements.
  • Matches material requirements and inventory turnover so as not to hold too high of a percentage of inventory at any time.
  • Qualifies new suppliers through surveys and site visits.
  • Helps establish new supplier accounts with the finance department.
  • Works with internal customers to address, return and receive credit for defective materials.
  • Plans and schedules timely material requirements for customer forecasts.
  • Reviews manufacturing production goals and plans accordingly.
  • Analyze inputs (e.g., capacity, board cycle times, urgency of request, material availability, etc.) to help determine the schedule.
  • Analyzes internal impact (e.g., line scheduling, procurement, logistics, shipping, etc.) of customer scheduling.
  • Pushes or cancels orders per production plans.
  • Ensures quality and integrity of information used to generate materials requirements plan.
  • Revises plans as required based on analysis of actuals versus plan.
  • Acts as a customer liaison with new product introduction.
  • Introduces the new product through manufacturing to shipping per customer requirements.
  • Attends weekly change meetings with the customer.
  • Reviews and submits new costs associated with new engineering requirements.
Requirements / skills:
  • Knowledge of the manufacturing environment, the types of materials being purchased by departments, and the engineering change process is preferred.
  • Basic knowledge of production planning fundamentals, scheduling, materials requirements planning techniques, and manufacturing control systems.
  • Knowledge of procurement processes, inventory management, and supplier management
  • Knowledge of basic computer applications such as WORD, Excel, PowerPoint, and multiple business applications.
  • Ability to plan strategically for the coordinated build and delivery of one or several products.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks while maintaining attention to detail and accuracy and working under tight time deadlines.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, with a wide variety of internal and external customers.