Systems Architect salary in Austin

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How much does a Systems Architect make in Austin?

The base salary for a Systems Architect in Austin is 111,700 $

111,700 $

Annual salary. Based on 305 observations

Related tasks:

  • Drive security technology and architecture efforts in engineering, working with engineering
  • Product owners in Secure Communications, Cryptography and functional leads and architects in Cyber Services
  • Innovate and apply security-disruptive technologies to engineering products, with a goal to enhance security solutions
  • Architect modular security solutions with goal for re-use across product families
  • Review security aspect of engineering design, enhance architecture and provide guidance to improve future solutions
  • Interface with Product Management and Business development, drive initial architecture and prototype efforts on new products
  • Maintain security architecture in engineering and associated security KPI’s
  • Mentor and grow engineering team in advanced security disciplines
Requirements / skills:
  • Experience in a Testing & Validation lab environment for various products.
  • Extensive research experience, with great people management skill.
  • Extensive experience with security solutions and architecture.