How much does a Supply Chain Manager make in Stockholm ?

865,700 kr

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The base salary for a Supply Chain Manager in Stockholm is 865,700 kr

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Responsibilities: 1. Develop and implement supply chain strategies to improve efficiency and reduce costs. 2. Monitor and analyze inventory levels and production schedules to ensure timely delivery of goods. 3. Create and maintain relationships with suppliers and vendors. 4. Negotiate contracts and pricing with vendors. 5. Track and report on performance metrics, such as cost savings and delivery times. 6. Develop and implement strategies to reduce waste and improve sustainability. 7. Identify and resolve supply chain issues in a timely manner. Requirements: 1. Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management or related field. 2. 2+ years of experience in a supply chain role. 3. Knowledge of supply chain principles and processes. 4. Excellent problem-solving and communication skills. 5. Strong organizational and time management skills. 6. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment. Preferred Skills: 1. Experience with inventory management systems. 2. Knowledge of international supply chain regulations. 3. Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite. 4. Knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma principles. 5. Experience with forecasting and budgeting. 6. Ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams.