How much does a Storekeeper make in Nice ?

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The base salary for a Storekeeper in Nice is 28,900 €
Also known as: Retailer, Merchant, Stockkeeper, Store manager, Store owner, Store supervisor, Store operator, Shopkeeper, Store manager, Retailer.

Responsibilities: •Receive, inspect, and store incoming materials and supplies •Maintain accurate inventory records and track stock levels •Prepare and complete orders for delivery or pickup •Ensure proper storage and handling of products •Keep the store area clean, organized, and safe Requirements: •High school diploma or equivalent •Proven experience as a storekeeper or similar position •Familiarity with inventory management software •Strong attention to detail and accuracy •Ability to lift and move heavy items •Excellent organizational and time management skills Preferred skills: •Certification in forklift operation •Knowledge of safety and security procedures for handling materials •Good communication and interpersonal abilities •Ability to work independently and as part of a team',