How much does a Shift Manager make in Nicosia ?

31,500 €

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The base salary for a Shift Manager in Nicosia is 31,500 €

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Related tasks:

  • Maintain fast, accurate and outstanding service, ensures an excellent customer experience, and makes sure all products are consistent with company standards.
  • Leads Crew Members and directs all daily operations of the restaurant in the absence of both the General and Assistant Managers to include: opening and closing the store, ensuring all food preparation is complete, managing employees breaks and shift changes, and completing shift summary reports.
  • May assist Manager in day to day operations with tasks that include but not limited to scheduling, ordering, and team development
  • Makes sure the business is in compliance with the preventative maintenance program with regards to facility, equipment, and grounds maintenance.
  • Works as a team player to support other employees complete their tasks.
Requirements / skills:
  • Must have a great attitude, high energy and the desire to work.
  • Strong problem solving skills and decision making ability is required
  • Proven ability to be flexible and adapt in any situation
  • The successful candidate/employee will be required to use written, verbal and group communication skills.
  • This position requires basic math skills.
  • Good computer skills.