How much does a Sheet Metal Worker make in Lyon ?

29,500 €

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The base salary for a Sheet Metal Worker in Lyon is 29,500 €

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Responsibilities: • Read and interpret blueprints and drawings to determine the type and size of sheet metal needed for a project • Measure and cut sheet metal to the specifications indicated on the blueprint • Bend, shape, and form sheet metal into the desired shape • Assemble and weld parts together to create the desired product • Install sheet metal components in the desired location • Troubleshoot and repair any sheet metal issues • Follow safety protocols when working with sheet metal Requirements: • High school diploma or equivalent • Previous experience in sheet metal work or related field • Ability to read and interpret blueprints • Ability to use hand tools and power tools safely and accurately • Ability to lift and carry heavy objects • Good hand-eye coordination • Good problem-solving skills Preferred Skills: • Experience with welding • Knowledge of sheet metal fabrication processes • Knowledge of different types of metals and their properties • Ability to work independently or as part of a team • Ability to work in confined spaces or at heights • Ability to work with minimal supervision