How much does a Security Specialist make in Australia ?

119,800 $

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The base salary for a Security Specialist in Australia is 119,800 $

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Related tasks:

  • Running tests and assessments to identify potential security vulnerabilities
  • Developing plans and procedures to safeguard and recover data
  • Enhancing existing security with password protection, firewalls and other tools
  • Installing and maintaining security software to protect data systems
  • Monitoring systems, servers and networks for any signs of incursions
  • Responding to data breaches and malicious malware attacks
  • Simulating data loss scenarios to evaluate the effectiveness of existing recovery plans
  • Training other employees on data safety
Requirements / skills:
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills to identify and diagnose threats
  • Problem-solving skills to develop effective procedures and plans
  • Strong oral and verbal communication skills to write reports, train staff and collaborate with other members of your team
  • Multitasking skills to complete other tasks while monitoring data systems
  • Organizational skills to create reports that are clear and easy-to-read