How much does a Security Guard make in France ?

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The base salary for a Security Guard in France is 30,200 €
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Responsibilities: •Protecting the premises and its occupants by maintaining a visible presence •Monitoring and authorizing entrance and departure of employees, visitors, and other persons •Patrolling the area and identifying potential security risks or threats •Responding to alarms and security incidents •Documenting and reporting any security-related incidents Requirements: •High school diploma or equivalent •Proven work experience as a security guard or relevant position •Ability to operate detecting systems and emergency equipment •Excellent knowledge of public safety and security procedures/protocols •Integrity and professionalism •Strong observation and communication skills Preferred skills: •CPR and First Aid certification •Previous experience in a customer service role •Physical fitness and ability to stand for long periods •Knowledge of relevant laws and regulations •Strong decision-making and problem-solving abilities',