Scrum Master salary in Cheltenham

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How much does a Scrum Master make in Cheltenham?

The base salary for a Scrum Master in Cheltenham is 64,200 £

64,200 £

Annual salary. Based on 52 observations

Related tasks:

  • Organizing the work of the development team in accordance with SCRUM rules, caring for compliance with SCRUM rules in the team.
  • Monitoring whether the development team effectively performs its work - takes the right number of tasks and performs tasks according to the definition of done.
  • Everyday team support in facilitating problems resolution and removing obstacles.
  • Monitoring progress in the situation of a specified deadline of completion.
  • Reporting the status of projects implemented by the team, providing the information to stakeholders about risks or problems and potential ways to solve them.
  • Close cooperation with the component owners, including education in the field of requirements management, defining criteria for accepting tasks.
  • Monitoring and signaling the need to involve additional people in the team, e.g. business analyst, UX specialist.
  • Close cooperation with the delivery manager and service coordinator in defining priorities for the team.
Requirements / skills:
  • Organizational skills including facilitating and motivating the team.
  • Practical knowledge of supported business areas and process.
  • Ability to reconcile contradictory priorities and suggest solutions.
  • Proactivity in action.