How much does a Sales Trainer make in Sao Paulo ?

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The base salary for a Sales Trainer in Sao Paulo is 71,700 R$
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Responsibilities: •Develop training materials and conduct training sessions for new sales representatives •Provide ongoing coaching and support to sales team members •Assist in the development of sales training programs and materials •Evaluate the effectiveness of training programs and make recommendations for improvement •Collaborate with sales managers to identify training needs and opportunities for skill development Requirements: •Bachelor's degree in a relevant field •Strong communication and presentation skills •Ability to work well in a team and independently •Knowledge of sales techniques and strategies •Proven track record of success in sales or sales training Preferred skills: •Experience in sales training or coaching •Familiarity with instructional design principles •Knowledge of learning management systems •Ability to analyze data and identify areas for improvement •Certification in sales training or related field,