How much does a Sales Director make in Sydney ?

208,500 $

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The base salary for a Sales Director in Sydney is 208,500 $

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Related tasks:

  • Increase management's effectiveness by working with department managers to ensure coordination in the effort to reach the organization's goals.
  • Study and comprehend the marketing, branding and sales strategies and plans.
  • Work with the CEO, Administration, Marketing, Branding and Sales departments to gather and analyze requirements for the main orders' fulfilment.
  • Establish and maintain strict quality control over the packing of products, preparation for shipping and handling of products.
  • Define requirements for hardware and software tools necessary to ensure the efficient and quality operations of the orders fulfilment facility.
  • Operate the backend of the e-commerce platforms in terms of processing orders, updating orders' status, handling canceled orders and returns.
  • Analyze supply-demand patterns, monitor and manage inventory levels and report on delivery capabilities and capacities.
  • Ensure proper safety and security measures are enforced at the main orders fulfillment facility and its staff.
  • Support sales department from operational perspectives to ensure successful fulfillment of wholesale supplies to retail partners.
  • Analyze various options for the worldwide fulfilment of orders, manage the process of establishing additional orders fulfillment facilities worldwide.
  • Manage the requirements and specifications of packaging from operational perspectives, including bar-codes, batch numbers, recycling codes, return shipping labels, storage specs and so on.
  • Analyze demands on collection level, SKU level and recommend supplies orders accordingly.
  • Develop and update short-term and long-term demand forecasts for both direct sales and wholesale to retailers.
Requirements / skills:
  • Successful Sales Management experience within the High Tech Telecommunications industry in a sales management role; directly leading a sales team.
  • Strong communication skills, leadership, analytical and decision making skills.
  • Must be highly driven, competitive and lead by example.
  • Account planning skills and the ability to effectively develop and execute a sales strategy plan.
  • Ability to align resources to develop compelling business case and value proposition.
  • Must possess the ability to recognize business needs within varying organizations, in all customer prospects and existing account base.