How much does a Sales Assistant make in Prague ?

456,200 Kč

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The base salary for a Sales Assistant in Prague is 456,200 Kč

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Annual salary Based on 83 observations

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Related tasks:

  • Greeting customers and offering assistance
  • Recommending products or merchandise to help customers
  • Answering questions and addressing concerns
  • Informing customers about sales, promotions and policies
  • Demonstrating how products work
  • Taking payments for purchases and packaging purchases
  • Stocking merchandise and creating displays
  • Taking inventory and monitoring sales floor
Requirements / skills:
  • The ability to communicate effectively
  • The ability to read, write, and perform basic math
  • A professional appearance
  • A friendly and outgoing demeanor
  • A concern for others and a desire to help
  • Knowledge of point of sale systems
  • Strong customer service skills