How much does a Safety Specialist make in Australia ?

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The base salary for a Safety Specialist in Australia is 84,000 $
Also known as: Safety Officer, Safety Expert, Safety Consultant, Safety Analyst, Safety Advisor.

Responsibilities: 1. Develop and implement safety policies and procedures for the workplace. 2. Monitor and inspect workplace conditions to ensure compliance with safety standards. 3. Educate workers on safety protocols and procedures. 4. Investigate and document accidents and incidents to determine root causes and recommend corrective actions. 5. Develop and conduct safety training programs. 6. Monitor workplace safety performance and recommend improvements. 7. Prepare safety reports and presentations for management. Requirements: 1. Bachelor’s degree in safety or related field. 2. Knowledge of safety regulations and standards. 3. Excellent communication and organizational skills. 4. Ability to work independently and as part of a team. 5. Ability to think critically and analyze data. 6. Ability to identify and solve problems. 7. Proficiency in Microsoft Office. Preferred Skills: 1. Experience in safety management. 2. Knowledge of OSHA regulations. 3. Knowledge of industrial safety and hazardous materials. 4. Experience with safety auditing and inspection. 5. Knowledge of risk management principles. 6. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment. 7. Ability to prioritize tasks and manage multiple projects.