How much does a Research Director make in Austria ?

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The base salary for a Research Director in Austria is 103,500 €
Also known as: Research manager, Director of research and development, Research supervisor.

Responsibilities: •Oversee and coordinate research projects and activities •Develop and implement research strategies and plans •Manage and mentor research teams •Analyze and interpret data to draw meaningful conclusions •Communicate research findings to stakeholders •Ensure compliance with ethical and regulatory standards Requirements: •Bachelor's or Master's degree in a relevant field •Strong analytical and critical thinking skills •Excellent written and verbal communication skills •Ability to work independently and collaboratively •Familiarity with research methodologies and tools •Strong organizational and project management abilities Preferred skills: •Experience in conducting research or analysis •Knowledge of industry-specific trends and developments •Familiarity with statistical analysis software •Ability to think creatively and innovatively •Strong leadership and interpersonal skills,