How much does a Recruitment Director make in Sarajevo ?

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The base salary for a Recruitment Director in Sarajevo is 137,800 КМ
Also known as: Personnel Acquisition Director, Talent Sourcing Director, Workforce Procurement Director.

Responsibilities: • Source and recruit top talent for open positions • Develop and maintain relationships with potential candidates • Screen and evaluate resumes and applications • Develop and execute recruitment strategies • Manage the recruitment process from start to finish • Utilize job boards and other recruitment resources • Oversee the onboarding process for new hires • Monitor recruitment metrics and analyze data • Stay up-to-date on labor market trends • Maintain recruitment records Requirements: • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or a related field • Proven experience in recruitment • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills • Working knowledge of relevant laws and regulations • Ability to multitask and prioritize tasks • Strong organizational and time management skills Preferred Skills: • Experience with applicant tracking systems • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment • Familiarity with recruitment best practices • Excellent problem-solving and decision-making skills • Ability to work independently and as part of a team • Proficiency in MS Office and other related software • Creative thinking and innovative ideas for recruitment