How much does a Quantity Surveyor make in Turku ?

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The base salary for a Quantity Surveyor in Turku is 54,600 €
Also known as: Cost Estimators, Cost Engineer.

Responsibilities: • Assisting in preparing tender documents, contracts, budgets, bills of quantities, and other documentation. • Performing cost analysis for repair and maintenance project work. • Assisting in tracking changes to the design or construction work and adjusting budget projections accordingly. • Collaborating with project managers and other construction professionals to ensure all costings are accurate. • Conducting feasibility studies to estimate materials, time and labor costs. • Negotiating and drawing up bids for tenders and contracts. • Monitoring and keeping track of project progress and are in a position to advise the estimated project costs. Requirements: • A degree or equivalent in Quantity Surveying, Civil Engineering, or a related field. • Understanding of construction methodologies, processes, and materials. • Effective communication skills, both written and verbal. • Strong numeracy and financial management skills. • Ability to analyze problems and strategize for better solutions. • Understanding of the legal implications of contract terms. • Ability to work in a team and individually. • Strong attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. Preferred Skills: • Previous work experience or internships in a similar role is beneficial. • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, particularly with Excel. • Knowledge of industry-specific software (such as AutoCAD) is a plus. • Excellent negotiation skills to deal with contractors and suppliers. • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously. • Strong understanding of construction safety regulations and best practices. • Commercial awareness and understanding of the market trends in construction. • Ability to work under pressure and meet strict deadlines.',