How much does a Quality Control Chemist make in Oulu ?

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The base salary for a Quality Control Chemist in Oulu is 37,200 €
Also known as: Analytical Chemist, Laboratory Chemist, Chemical Analyst.

Responsibilities: • Perform laboratory tests and analyses to ensure product quality and safety • Monitor product quality and safety throughout the production process • Document results of laboratory tests and analyses • Troubleshoot any issues related to product quality and safety • Maintain laboratory equipment and instruments • Assist in the development of new products and processes • Follow all safety protocols and procedures Requirements: • Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or related field • Knowledge of laboratory techniques and safety protocols • Ability to work independently and in a team environment • Excellent communication and organizational skills • Ability to work efficiently and accurately Preferred Skills: • Experience with quality control and/or laboratory testing • Knowledge of chemical analysis techniques • Knowledge of laboratory instrumentation and software • Understanding of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) • Ability to interpret test results and make recommendations for improvement