How much does a Project Leader make in Sarajevo ?

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The base salary for a Project Leader in Sarajevo is 46,800 КМ
Also known as: Team leader , Project coordinator , Project supervisor , Project director .

Responsibilities: •Coordinate project activities and ensure all tasks are completed on time and within budget •Communicate project status and updates to team members and stakeholders •Identify and address project risks and issues •Collaborate with team members to define project scope and objectives •Monitor and report on project progress and performance •Facilitate team meetings and ensure clear communication and alignment among team members Requirements: •Bachelor's degree in a relevant field or equivalent work experience •Strong organizational and time management skills •Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities •Ability to work effectively in a team environment •Proven ability to manage multiple tasks and priorities simultaneously •Knowledge of project management methodologies and tools Preferred Skills: •Project management certification (e.g., PMP, CAPM) •Experience using project management software •Understanding of Agile or other project management frameworks •Familiarity with risk management and mitigation techniques •Ability to adapt to changing project requirements and priorities,