How much does a Principal Scientist make in Aix-En-Provence ?

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The base salary for a Principal Scientist in Aix-En-Provence is 82,500 €
Also known as: Chief Scientist.

Responsibilities: • Lead the design and execution of experiments to support research projects • Develop new methods and techniques to advance research objectives • Analyze and interpret data to support research projects • Develop and execute protocols to ensure accuracy and reproducibility of results • Prepare and present research results to colleagues and external audiences • Manage and mentor junior research staff Requirements: • PhD in a relevant field of science • Proven track record of research accomplishments • Demonstrated ability to work independently and collaboratively • Excellent communication and organizational skills • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment Preferred Skills: • Experience in project management • Knowledge of research regulations and guidelines • Ability to develop and implement research strategies • Knowledge of laboratory safety protocols • Familiarity with statistical analysis software