How much does a Principal Scientist make in Cyprus ?

65,500 €

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The base salary for a Principal Scientist in Cyprus is 65,500 €

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Annual salary Based on 32 observations

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Related tasks:

  • To review experimental work, data and reports produced within R&D to ensure accuracy and compliance.
  • To assess manufacturing processes supplied by client companies for suitability for manufacture and identify any scale-up requirements/issues.
  • To prepare reports and presentations for internal and external use in a suitable and professional manner.
  • To train and supervise the experimental work of other junior research staff.
  • When required, participate in the technology transfer process to enable manufacture.
  • To advise senior management, technical project leaders, programme managers and other principal scientists on the feasibility, suitability and efficacy of the downstream processes being developed.
  • To co-ordinate work with other functions / departments to achieve project objectives.
Requirements / skills:
  • Leading projects and performing laboratory research skills.
  • Capable of designing and executing research programs
  • Broad technical expertise and a desire to work in a laboratory focused role
  • Experienced at managing/directing the research efforts of others
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills