How much does a Pricing Manager make in Sao Paulo ?

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The base salary for a Pricing Manager in Sao Paulo is 119,300 R$
Also known as: Manager for Price Setting, Director of Prices, Pricing Management Executive, Price Formation Manager.

Responsibilities: • Develop pricing strategies to maximize profit and market share • Analyze market trends and competitor pricing to determine optimal pricing strategies • Monitor pricing of competitors and adjust pricing strategy accordingly • Work with sales, marketing and product teams to ensure pricing is aligned with corporate goals • Research and analyze pricing data to identify opportunities for improvement • Develop pricing models and perform sensitivity analysis • Prepare reports and presentations to communicate pricing strategies and results • Develop and maintain pricing databases Requirements: • Bachelor’s degree in business, economics, finance or related field • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) • Excellent analytical, problem-solving and organizational skills • Ability to work independently and in a team environment • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills Preferred Skills: • Knowledge of pricing and forecasting techniques • Experience with pricing software • Knowledge of pricing regulations and compliance • Knowledge of market research and analysis techniques • Ability to think strategically and develop innovative pricing solutions