How much does a Phd Student make in Lyon ?

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The base salary for a Phd Student in Lyon is 41,800 €
Also known as: Doctoral Student, Doctoral Researcher.

Responsibilities: • Conduct thorough literature reviews related to the research topic. • Contribute to the development of research objectives and design of the study. • Conduct research tasks under the supervision of the faculty advisor. • Collect, analyze, and interpret data accurately. • Write research papers, reports, reviews, and summaries. • Present research findings to professors and peers. • Participate in academic conferences and seminars. • Assist in teaching undergraduate courses and mentoring students. • Collaborate with other researchers within and outside the department. • Adhere to ethical guidelines in conducting research. Requirements: • A Master’s degree in a relevant field. • Strong written and verbal communication skills. • Ability to work independently and as part of a team. • High level of attention to detail and accuracy. • Excellent organizational and time management skills. • Ability to handle multiple tasks and meet deadlines. • Familiarity with research methodologies and statistical analysis. • Proficiency in academic writing and presentation. • Commitment to ethical research practices. Preferred Skills: • Prior research experience in the relevant field. • Experience with academic publishing. • Ability to adapt to new research environments and challenges. • Strong problem-solving skills. • Ability to critically analyze and synthesize complex information. • Experience in teaching or mentoring. • Strong interpersonal skills. • Ability to effectively manage stress and maintain work-life balance. • Proficiency in a second language (depending on the research area). • Demonstrated passion for the chosen field of study