How much does a Operations Support Manager make in Minsk ?

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The base salary for a Operations Support Manager in Minsk is 803,407,500 Br

Responsibilities: 1. Manage daily operational activities to ensure that they are completed on time and with the highest quality. 2. Monitor and analyze operational performance metrics to identify areas of improvement. 3. Develop and implement operational processes and procedures to improve efficiency and productivity. 4. Coordinate with other departments to ensure that operational tasks are completed in a timely manner. 5. Provide training and guidance to operations staff to ensure that they are performing their duties effectively. 6. Maintain up-to-date records of operational activities and performance. 7. Work with management to develop and implement strategies for improving operations. Requirements: 1. Bachelor’s degree in business, operations, or a related field. 2. At least two years of experience in operations management or a related field. 3. Excellent organizational and problem-solving skills. 4. Strong communication and interpersonal skills. 5. Ability to work independently and as part of a team. 6. Ability to manage multiple tasks and prioritize effectively. Preferred Skills: 1. Experience with project management software. 2. Knowledge of lean and Six Sigma processes. 3. Ability to analyze data and draw meaningful conclusions. 4. Ability to develop and implement operational processes and procedures. 5. Knowledge of operational best practices and industry standards. 6. Experience working in a fast-paced environment.