How much does a Operations Engineer make in Buenos Aires ?

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The base salary for a Operations Engineer in Buenos Aires is 737,200 $
Also known as: Operations specialist, Operations analyst.

Responsibilities: •Assisting in the implementation and maintenance of operational systems •Monitoring and analyzing system performance •Collaborating with cross-functional teams to improve operational processes •Troubleshooting and resolving technical issues •Documenting operational procedures and best practices Requirements: •Bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as computer science, engineering, or a related discipline •Strong analytical and problem-solving skills •Excellent communication and teamwork abilities •Understanding of basic networking concepts •Familiarity with system monitoring and diagnostic tools Preferred skills: •Experience with cloud platforms and services •Knowledge of ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) principles •Familiarity with configuration management tools •Understanding of virtualization technologies •Certifications in relevant areas such as IT operations or system administration,