How much does a Operations Director make in Bosnia And Herzegovina ?

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The base salary for a Operations Director in Bosnia And Herzegovina is 99,600 КМ
Also known as: Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Responsibilities: •Overseeing daily operations and ensuring efficient and effective workflow •Developing and implementing operational strategies to optimize processes •Managing and supervising staff to achieve operational objectives •Monitoring and analyzing performance metrics to identify areas for improvement •Collaborating with cross-functional teams to drive operational excellence •Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards Requirements: •Bachelor's degree in business administration, management, or a related field •Proven experience in a leadership or management role •Strong understanding of operational principles and best practices •Excellent communication and interpersonal skills •Ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks simultaneously •Proficiency in data analysis and reporting Preferred Skills: •Experience with project management methodologies •Knowledge of supply chain management and logistics •Familiarity with process improvement techniques such as Six Sigma or Lean •Ability to adapt to changing business environments and drive organizational change •Strong decision-making and problem-solving abilities,