How much does a Office Manager make in Seoul ?

70,783,500 ₩

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The base salary for a Office Manager in Seoul is 70,783,500 ₩

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Related tasks:

  • Trade confirmation and settlements.
  • Client verification and new customer onboarding.
  • Reporting.
  • Arranging settlements.
  • Managing orders through order books and Liquidity providers.
  • Being responsible of the development and the maintenance of Middle Office Policy and relevant procedures.
  • Monitoring of market and counterparty credit risk, derivatives collateral margining and collateral management (through CSA agreements).
  • Monitoring and assessing the hedge effectiveness and reporting to various stakeholders in line with the Middle Office and Market Risk Policies.
  • To be in charge of controlling of accurate securities recording in relevant systems and independent securities valuation.
Requirements / skills:
  • Experienced operator, with a background in institutional middle office/settlements.
  • A broad understanding and interest in cryptocurrency and/or traditional foreign exchange markets would be greatly valued.
  • Knowledge in the area of valuation of securities and derivatives, Market and Counterparty credit risk, collateral management of derivatives, hedge effectiveness.